With growing competitive pressure and rising fuel costs challenges in the transportation industry are never-ending. Due to many such factors, companies in the transportation industry are forced to consistently walk the tightrope of balancing price competitiveness and delivering a consistent brand experience. However, rising labour and material costs along with a volatile demand scenario have made it difficult for companies to establish themselves in the market. This has compelled leading transportation companies to leverage market intelligence for developing effective strategies for growth.

• Our providers should be able to support customers by minimizing the inbound lead time.
• We effectively communicate and coordinate with the shipping agents, transport carriers, customs agents, etc. on a prompt and timely basis.
• We depends on their ability to partner with independent transport carriers and offer competitive rates to customers.
• Our providers to keep track of information related to all their shipments. These include purchase orders, bills of lading, air waybill, cargo insurance certificates, commercial invoices, packing lists, delivery note, certificates of origin, dock receipts, export licenses, etc.
• Allowing for the electronic exchange of business documents between trading partners.
• To communicate with their trading partners and electronically transfer documentation like purchase orders and invoices.

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