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Quick Facts

  • 3+ Countries Located
  • 12+ Initiatives Supported
  • 30+ Times In Media
  • 250+ Brands Worked
  • 6+ New Technologies Invented
  • 14+ Locations Presence
  • 50+ Partners Strengthen
  • 1825+ Days
  • 10+ Industries Served
  • 25+ Services Offered
  • 180+ Happy Clients
  • 5M+ Indirect Customers Reached

About Pabbas Story

Pabbas Groups was founded by Pabba Bhanu Laxmanand co-founded by Pabba Padmavathi in 2012. Thatbegan a journey that now stretches of more than 10brands of our own with more than 180 successfulclients and growing. Our clients’ needs are constantlychanging, so we continually seek new and better waysto serve them. To do this, we are bringing new talentinto the firm, acquiring new companies, and developingnew capabilities, in design, analytics, and digital. Weoffer various industries from healthcare to all the wayto technology customised accordingly. No matter thechallenge, we focus on delivering practical andenduring results, and equipping our clients to grow andlead.

About EsaleMedia Story

EsaleMedia is a digital business transformationprovider, where it is located more than 3 countries. Weprovide the right digital marketing solutions' as we takeyour business to new heights. We have vast years ofexperiences in delivering quality digital marketingservices and our team has grown traffic, leads &revenue for a wide range of exciting brands both bigand small of more than 180 clients all around the world,with more than 25 services tailored accordingly all theway from Web development to Business automation.Our digital marketers put their expertise andknowledge into building your business and boostingyour sales with constant research, comprehensivecompetitor analysis, and with the most innovativedigital marketing strategies.

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