At Esale Media, we’re focused on advancing healthcare through innovation. Innovation in medical devices, data, AI, business models, insurance and algorithmic medicine – all factors that health leaders need to capitalize on in order to strengthen their offerings. But our focus always remains on people and creating a seamless customer experience that progresses alongside today’s digital world.

• We handle a large team of professionals on the behalf of the healthcare company thereby saving the company the cost of acquiring additional staff and training them.
• The professional team of ours keep you updated with the latest changes in regulations and standards.
• Various healthcare companies consider us as to realize cost savings and have better control over the cost.
• The healthcare companies consider us who specializes in that outsourced function and performs it more efficiently.
• We experience in carrying out specific tasks and are ready to take on a job of any complexity and size at a short notice.
• We ensure that the client’s requirements are taken care of in the best possible manner without any administrative hassles.
• We even save the healthcare company a lot of paperwork.
• We help in eliminating any distractions and help them concentrate on their core competencies.
• This results in improvement in the standards of healthcare across the company and simultaneously increases the quality of patient care. With increased positive experience for the patients, the goodwill for the healthcare organization increases.
• We strictly adhere to rules and regulations set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that patient records remain private and are not wrongly entered.
• We ensure the highest accuracy rates in all tasks such as medical coding, billing, claims adjudication, accounts receivable, records indexing and many more.
• We increase competitive advantage; it gives an international outlook to the business operations of healthcare organizations.

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