Enabling Digital Transformation in Retail, we help retailers digitally transform into agile organizations that deliver long-term customer and business value. Through a thoughtful combination of modernizing IT systems, unifying data and optimizing the supply chain, we redefine the end-to-end customer journey to enable retailers to anticipate needs, adapt and evolve.

• Our technical team will set up the service automation platform so that it easily feeds in your existing stored data, ensuring that nothing is lost.
• You can access all your data from a single, cloud-based dashboard and FMs can enter facility maintenance requests directly into the system at any location, and work orders are accurately routed to the appropriate contractor.
• Service automation technology can give retail facilities managers insight into impactful, visual-based analytics capable of historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.
• Easy access to meaningful insights is especially helpful for retail companies that have multiple locations, as reports can present information from all facilities in a single dashboard.
• We provide tools that retail facilities managers can use to help them manage contractor compliance like tracking credentials, financial status, certification expirations, insurances and licenses, and more.
• By automating routine tasks and creating more efficient workflows, facilities managers can focus on those tasks that truly need attention, directly impacting the operational effectiveness of the team.
• Our Retail relies heavily on brand uptime; brand appearance and experience are extremely important to retail customers.
• The state of retail facilities has an enormous impact on branding, helping to shape how consumers view brands and directly affecting their shopping experience.
• Our Service automation supports customer experiences, creating loyal customers and strengthening brands.
• You’ll be using fewer resources to run a leaner and more efficient team.
• With the ability to track your assets across enterprises and locations, you can determine whether to invest in repairs or replace a given asset.
• You can expect better budgeting overall and the elimination of unnecessary costs.
• With an automated work order system, facilities can ensure that urgent requests are completed in a timely manner.
• Our Service automation allows easier communication between facilities staff which translates to happier customers.
• We ensure that work is done in a high-quality and timely manner and customers don’t experience any interruptions that would affect their in-store experience.

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