We have all noticed that hotels and accommodation properties are increasingly flexible, adapting to the increasingly distinct business realities that have invaded our country. It is now time for them to answer back to the market by basing their core activities on what is essential and a critical success factor.

• Reduction and control of operating costs with transformation of fixed costs into variables.
• Access to highly specialized professionals, inaccessible if hired directly.
• Reduction of the staff, as well as the expenses inherent to it.
• Increase the company's focus and its operational competitiveness.
• Free human resources for company main activities.
• Increase efficiency on time consuming tasks.
• Empowering services and adding value to the organization.
• Perform activities difficult to control or manage.
• Sharing of risks and their liability with the partner / provider.
• Acquisition of new skills, know-how and technological capability of systems.

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