Finance Industry Profile in India

Industry Analysis:-

Financial services, which is also known as the finance and insurance industry, it is one of the most prevalent industries. The country’s financial service sector consists of capital markets, insurance sectors, and non-banking financial companies.


Finance is a field which is based on the Investment. It mainly describes the study of money, creation, and management. Finance can be divided into three different categories: Public finance, corporate finance, and personal finance


Companies generally have two different types of approaches to this business. One approach will be of a bank that simply buys an insurance company, keeps the original brands of the acquired firm. And another approach will be a bank would simply create its own insurance division and attempts to sell those products to its own existing customers.

User Base:-

Today Finance is one of the most important aspects of business management which includes analysis related to the acquisition of funds for an enterprise. There are public, corporate, and personal finances.

Types Of Finances:-

Public finance:-

Public Finance

Public finance deals with sub-national entities, public agencies, and sovereign states. Public finance is concerned with the budget, source of revenue, and debt issuance. Some of the other sources of this finance include Airport services, Port charges, and other facilities. The central banks like federal reserve system banks in other continents are major and strong players.

Corporate Finance:-

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance describes the Captial structure and funding sources of different corporations. It also includes the analysis and tools which are used in the distribution of financial resources. Corporate finance mainly involves balancing risk and profitability.

Personal Finance:-

Personal Finance

Personal finance is the financial management of an individual or a family unit perform for the sake of budget, saving and spending money. The matters of personal finance include in the purchasing of life insurance, consumer loans and credit cards etc..Personal finance involves debt obligations, Education, and durable goods.

Market Size:-

The Mutual Fund industry in India has been grown rapidly in Assets Under Management (AUM). Total AUM of the industry has increased by about 25.79% (percent year) on year to hit a record Rs 22 lakh crore. During the past years India has experienced a huge increase in Mergers and Acquisition activity.


Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of credit unions, banks,  insurance companies, consumer-finance companies,credit-card companies, stock brokerages, accountancy companies, etc…